A Statement from the iRest Institute Board of Directors

A Statement from the iRest Institute Board of Directors

Dear iRest Community,

iRest Institute is at a turning point in its growth and development. As we move forward, it is imperative that we build upon and continue to strengthen our core goals of accountability, transparency, and integrity—values that serve a sustainable and ethical foundation of the organization and the iRest teachings. 
To that end, the Board of Directors, working with the organization’s executive leadership, has approved the following new initiatives which will start immediately and are to be completed over the next year: 

Overhaul our Board of Directors 

  • As part of an overall succession plan, the Board of Directors accepts the resignation of Richard Miller and another long-standing board member, Ross Guest, from the Board of Directors

  • Recruit 1-2 new board members from outside of our immediate community to create a greater diversity of experience and perspective on the board

Reform our Ethics Committee and strengthen our ethics procedures

  • Expand the number of people on the Ethics Committee with a minimum of two additional members 

  • Recruit new members under the conditions that they are from outside of our immediate community and have demonstrated expertise in the field of ethics

  • Update our website with detailed information about the purpose and function of the Ethics Committee, including its mandate, procedures, and steps to file a grievance

Redesign our programming

  • Richard Miller will be stepping away from teaching at iRest Institute events for a six month period and has committed to begin taking ethics and sensitivity training immediately. To support the continuation of iRest Institute’s evolution and full accessibility to iRest trainings and programs, we will:

    • Design programming that will provide the option to complete the full iRest teacher training curriculum and attend retreats, immersions, workshops, and other offerings with or without studying with Richard Miller

    • Offer programs led by a greater variety of senior trainers and retreat leaders to engage more voices and create more choice for students and participants

Enable and prioritize a diversity of thought, perspective, and influence 

  • Create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board to continually educate and guide iRest Institute toward the most balanced, informed, ethical, and open-minded operational strategy, activity, and evolution

Re-evaluate and update Human Resources (HR) procedures

  • Perform a detailed review of all HR procedures, including the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements at the conclusion of employment 

Strengthen and maintain an ethically-informed and mission-driven organizational culture

  • Develop new board, executive, and employee training programs that further establish an organizational culture grounded in the values of diversity, ethics, integrity, accountability, and iRest Institute’s mission to help people resolve their pain and suffering, and experience deep healing and peace

With these new initiatives, we believe we are on a path to take concrete and transparent action to build on the integrity of our organization. We are deeply dedicated to continue meeting the challenge of walking our talk, which is and has been fundamental to our existence. In doing so, we want to recognize the incredible response from our community, and the support we have received through feedback that was both loving and very difficult to digest—but all needed. 

We will continue to listen. Our minds and hearts remain open as we renew our commitment to iRest Institute’s mission and engage a broader perspective with which to move forward.
The iRest Institute Board of Directors

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