iRest’s Board Of Directors: New Members And A New Approach

iRest’s Board Of Directors: New Members And A New Approach

At iRest Institute, 2021 was a year of clarity. Areas ripe for evolution came into sharp focus, we made distinct commitments, and we took precise action to make those commitments a reality.

Happily, our goal of expanding our board of directors was easily fulfilled ahead of schedule. The nominating committee worked with iRest executives to interview eight potential candidates with the goal of appointing one new member in 2021 and one in early 2022. The conversations went well and we appointed three new board members by the end of 2021.

We invite you to meet them here. Each member is mission-driven, inspired, and motivated to actively engage with the opportunities and challenges that arise as iRest Institute matures and expands.

“Since its inception in 2006, iRest Institute has offered healing and peace to thousands around our precious planet,” Board President Cam Mckinley commented. “With immense gratitude to the founding board, excellent staff, iRest teachers, and supporters who have stewarded the organization to this point, I’m honored to welcome three new board members. They join our community and our shared commitment to bring these transformative teachings and practices to all who might benefit from them. Our shared vision, heart-felt dedication, and eagerness to serve will light the path forward.”

We’ve also created our first iRest Advisory Committee — a diverse group of knowledgeable volunteers dedicated to help guide our organization as it evolves. The committee’s purpose is to advise the board as needed, addressing specific issues and tasks, gathering information, and offering valuable counsel. We’re excited to introduce our Advisory Committee members to you in a future blog announcement.

The New Generative Approach of Our Board of Directors

In the early stages of a nonprofit organization (NPO), most boards are founder-led. As an NPO matures it grows in complexity and scope at which point it’s natural for a shift in both function and leadership style to occur. iRest Institute reached this milestone last year and we’ve made the transition to a generative board.

Simply put, a generative board offers unique and informed perspectives, questions the status quo, and engages the “why” of business decisions and strategies. Its focus is constructive dialogue, exponential thinking, and the exchange of different views and approaches. This enables the board to be a source of leadership, logic, innovative thinking, and sense-making for the organization.

The intention of our board of directors is that each leader’s input is purpose-driven, inventive, and visionary. Each member acts in alignment with iRest Institute’s singular mission while supporting conscious and conscientious leadership, advocating for transformation when needed, and endorsing future-focused growth and resilience.

Leveling up to this next stage of iRest Institute has been invigorating and constructive. We’re pleased to introduce our new board members and strategic leadership strategy. We’re excited to see what emerges from this new constellation of wise and caring folks, all in support of better serving you and our global community.

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