A Board of Directors Update from Executive Director Alana Siska

A Board of Directors Update from Executive Director Alana Siska

It's easy for the important things to go unnoticed until something happens that makes us realize that we need them. This past year spoke truth of the fragility, impermanence, and interconnectedness of all life. It motivated a collective stock-take of what we want more of and what’s no longer working.

To that end, as the Executive Director of iRest, I’d like to introduce myself and speak with you. I’d like you to know that I’m here, that my whole team is here, working to support you, evolve with you, and nurture an authentic community.

For many it has been a season of lessons and the past few months have seen iRest commit to board changes, internal and ethics policy upgrades, and new program initiatives. I’m happy to personally share the progress made to date, and our next steps, in the video below.

Please click here to view our Ethics page

iRest Institute’s Head of Online Programming, Clearlight Gerald, has created a nourishing iRest guided meditation around the theme of resiliency which you can access below.  

I hope it brings an embodied sense of our community. May you feel anchored into a collective felt-sense of unwavering well-being, and may we all re-emerge together and choose to continue onwards with renewed resilience, deeper understanding, and true connection.


Thank you for your time and attention. I’m grateful to be able to share our journey with you as we continue working to strengthen our community, evolve our approach, and grow together.

I’ll be reaching out again to check in, share, and connect.

Take care and talk soon,

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Alana Siska

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