Back to Basics: (Re)Visiting the iRest 10-Step Protocol

Back to Basics: (Re)Visiting the iRest 10-Step Protocol

No matter where we are in our personal and spiritual growth—whether newbies or seasoned practitioners—it pays to return to the basic principles that have shaped us. In the realm of iRest, that means reviewing the 10-Step Protocol, which was developed by founder Richard Miller to help foster equanimity and balance, come what may. 

Those new to iRest may find its clearly outlined tenets useful in exploring a new practice (and oneself) in an orderly and well-centered way. After a few introductory meditations, beginning practitioners, guided by the 10-Step-Protocol, may be poised for deeper self-development and personal transformation. Richard recommends that those new to iRest start with the first five steps, then later integrate the remaining steps as it feels right. 

Longtime practitioners, meanwhile, may naturally assume they've already mastered the fundamentals. Yet ancient wisdom tells us that as “experts" we face the danger of believing we know everything there is to know. We might overlook core beliefs or conditioned habits that prevent deeper transformation. This is why, in the Zen lineage, Shunryū Suzuki encourages that we practice shoshin—beginner's mind—to avoid such pitfalls. By returning to the basics, we not only edify our foundations, but open to new insights and perspectives. 

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