Healing Self, Healing Community: An Interview with Julia Fetherston

When scientist and former university researcher Julia Fetherston was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to iRest for comfort and healing. At the time, she couldn’t have known that her work with iRest was only beginning to unfold.  A year later, the Mendocino Complex Fire would hit her community, devastating loved ones and driving Fetherston to offer iRest classes for victims and first responders. Since, she has continued to build and broaden her practice. 


Tell us who you are and what you do.

I am a yoga therapist and brain geek. I live and practice in a small town in northern California. I came to my yoga therapy work through a circuitous journey, and because of my background in psychology and science, my work integrates numerous disciplines. I most heavily draw from the kosha model of yoga therapy, interpersonal neurobiology, and attachment dynamics. I am fortunate to work with a range of clients, individuals, groups and organizations.



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