Lighten Your Allostatic Load: Stress Management Amid Pandemic Times

Lighten Your Allostatic Load: Stress Management Amid Pandemic Times

Allostatic load: It sounds like a setting on a washer/dryer, not a potential health risk. Like your laundry basket, you’ll want to keep your allostatic load fresh and light. iRest—along with basic tools like diet, exercise, and social support—can help.

The root of the term is allostasis, which refers to the process of achieving stability in the midst of change. These days, many of us are enduring changes of monumental proportions—from career and finances to housing and relationships. Along the way, we shoulder accumulated chronic stress, the measure of which is known as allostatic load. Here’s an illustrated explanation for laypeople

Just as we would tire of walking up a long, steep hill, we grow weary from carrying an unwieldy allostatic load. While some types of anxiety and stress help us identify threats and survive, continual stress can become pathological and highly damaging. After several months of living amid a pandemic, some of these behaviors will seem familiar: 

Today, these factors exist simultaneously with what COVID-19 itself can do to the human brain, as described here

What’s especially dangerous is that these behavioral changes can occur gradually, without our awareness. Honestly, it’s stressful just to think about, isn’t it?

iRest offers practical support for anyone experiencing chronic stress. (This study is just one example of reported evidence.) With meditative practices such as BodySensing and BreathSensing, iRest can offer you a better feel for your health as you tune into your physical being and observe its needs. Where you find chronic stress, you might send more breath and energy. In any case, knowing your body will allow you to safely navigate any dangers ahead. 

Want to try using iRest meditation to monitor and lighten your allostatic load? Try this simple practice for stress management


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