Release 2022 With A Guided Meditation and Breathing Practice

Release 2022 With A Guided Meditation and Breathing Practice

The end of the year can be a time of contradictions. You may want to rest, reflect on what’s happened in your life, and clarify how you wish to invite in next year.

And, there’s a season of socializing, family dynamics, and sometimes feelings of overwhelm, grief, and nostalgia to navigate.

However you are experiencing this December, the practice below can support you in a cathartic exhale of all the stress and challenges this past year may have held for you, and that may arise over the holidays.

iRest Founder, Richard Miller guides you in meditation and breathing practices for relaxation, stress relief, and fostering a sense of wellbeing. You’ll also explore how to reset to a “beginner’s mind” as a supportive tool for navigating end-of-year challenges.

Lean on this practice as often as you need to and please share it with others who may also need the support.

If you’d like to deepen your meditation practice and study with Richard Miller, join him for The Path of NonDual Meditation, a year-long course beginning January 3, 2023.

If you’d like to further explore and experience breathing techniques, consider joining Richard for this weekend prāṇāyāma workshop in-person or live online, January 14 and 15.

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