Self-Care Treasury: A Retrospective of Free Meditation Monday Offerings

Just as regular deposits into your bank account grow your savings, steady self-care builds your health and well-being like a trove of gleaming gold. When the world shifted this spring, we at iRest Institute hastened to offer our community the opportunity to create that priceless sense of abundance and security. We began sending you weekly meditation practices, each led by a favorite iRest Trainer, Supervisor, or Mentor and highlighting a theme you told us you’d been facing. 

You have listened to these meditation practices over 35,000 times . Your dedication shines. 

Did you miss out, or just want to revisit some of these nourishing practices? Rejoice—we’ve now archived all of the recordings here on the iRest blog. Explore a wide range of topics: try this practice with your kids, or this one for addressing addictive behaviors, or perhaps this one for stress relief. No matter your needs, we at iRest Institute strive to meet you where you are and support you on your journey.  

See you next week!

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