The Myth of Separation:  An Invitation from Richard Miller

The Myth of Separation: An Invitation from Richard Miller

Even prior to the global pandemic, we lived in a world where our singularity was often valued more greatly than our inherent unity.  Now that circumstances require us to physically distance ourselves from one another, we notice that extreme individuality can quickly give way to loneliness and fear. Take heart, says iRest founder Dr. Richard Miller, there is a balm: Recognizing and nourishing our universal connectivity empowers us to thrive, even during challenging times.

In this free discussion, Richard shows us how to do just that. After a guided meditation, he engages students to reflect on our changing world and explore how, even amid unsettling times, we might cultivate appreciation for its inherent mystery .

This talk is a prelude and invitation to Richard's upcoming online home retreat,  "Foundations of Yoga". This silent meditation retreat, scheduled to live-stream May 19th through 24th with recordings made available, is an adaptation of Richard's popular annual in-person event in Oceanside, California. Sign up to join Richard on retreat at home.

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