Towards Right Action: Black Lives Matter, iRest Institute, and the World

Towards Right Action: Black Lives Matter, iRest Institute, and the World

iRest Institute unwaveringly supports the global quest for human equality and justice.

Our organizational mission is to help ease suffering. With tensions roiling across the United States and the world—fueled by violence, systemic racism, economic instability, and a continuing pandemic—conditions for suffering are ripe. Through it all, no population has been burdened as heavily as the Black community, which has been disproportionately affected by factors such as the coronavirus and unemployment, furthermore bearing well-documented discrimination within the criminal justice system and a history of enslavement. In the face of such somber circumstances, we at iRest Institute are moved to offer new forms of support.

Black lives matter. For this rallying cry to truly prevail, action is imperative.

Right action begins by listening within. As iRest Institute more closely attunes to our direction, we invite fellow seekers of love and justice on a similar journey. We humbly pledge to not only do the inner work required to find our own right actions as an organization, but to refine our meditative offerings which allow every curious practitioner to find their right actions, too. 

In this way, we aim to help create a more peaceful world.

To ensure that we move consciously and sensitively toward this vision, we at iRest Institute are redoubling efforts to educate ourselves about race relations and white privilege. We commit to amplifying a greater range of voices—including those of Black wellness leaders—in our teachings and publications. As we move forward, we will do so with diversity and inclusivity guiding our undertakings and influencing our organizational growth. We plan to report back to you, our community, on our progress.

As part of our toolkit for wellbeing, iRest Institute offers resources to anyone wishing to explore right action. These practices can help us each find and follow our inner compass. With regard to current events, this might mean recognizing parts of ourselves that have been complicit in racism. Self-inquiry is almost always a deeply uncomfortable process, but iRest supports us as we meet all of ourselves—even the parts that hold damaging beliefs or cause harm. Facing ourselves in this raw, honest way can be painful, but is worthwhile. It allows us to acknowledge wrongdoing and engage in a more authentic and harmonious life.

iRest practitioners who are grappling personally with world events and with the perils of racism may find solace and direction in our free weekly Sangha Sessions, which recently have featured racial justice and equality as central topics of contemplation. Last week, our founder Richard Miller engaged in a discussion and meditation with Kamala Berrio-Hayward entitled “Meeting Racism, Nourishing Anti-Racism”. If you missed this or any other Sangha Session, please feel free to replay them here. 

iRest Institute vows to more effectively serve Black, Indigenous, and people of color by making our programs more thoughtful and inclusive. While we have plenty of work ahead, our commitment is steadfast: by both acknowledging our organization’s room for growth and continuing to share our teachings as they are needed, we humbly step forth to do our part in the nurturing of a global community dedicated to equality, health, and wellbeing.

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