Comparative Effectiveness of Three Occupational Therapy Sleep Interventions: A Randomized Controlled Study.

Author: Sharon A. Gutman Kristin A. Gregory Megan M. Sadlier-Brown Marcy A. Schlissel Allison M. Schubert Lee Ann Westover Richard C. Miller

Published date: 2016


Although sleep intervention is within the domain of occupational therapy, few studies exist supporting practice. Effectiveness of three sleep interventions was compared: Dreampad Pillow®, iRest® meditation, and sleep hygiene. Twenty-nine participants were randomly assigned to the Dreampad Pillow® (n = 10), iRest® meditation (n = 9), and sleep hygiene (n = 10) groups. In Phase 1, all participants used a 7-day sleep hygiene regimen to reduce poor sleep habits. In Phase 2 (14 days), 10 participants used the Dreampad Pillow® and sleep hygiene, nine used the iRest meditation and sleep hygiene, and 10 continued sleep hygiene only. At intervention-end, the iRest meditation group experienced statistically greater time asleep than both the Dreampad Pillow® (p < .006, d = 1.87) and sleep hygiene groups (p < .03, d = 1.80). The Dreampad Pillow® group experienced statistically fewer nighttime awakenings than the iRest® meditation (p < .04, d = −1.53) and sleep hygiene (p < .004, d = −1.43) groups. No differences were found between groups in perceived sleep quality, length of time needed to fall asleep, and fatigue level next day. This study provides support for sleep interventions within occupational therapy’s domain.

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