Event Cancellation and Attendance Policy

Event Cancellation Policy

Voluntary cancellations for livestream attendance*:

  • Prior to 30 days: 95% refund, 5% retained to cover admin and credit card transaction fees
  • 8-30 days before start of event: 85% refund
  • 0-7 days before: 50% refund
  • After event start: No refunds but for exceptional circumstances
  • Cancellations may be requested by contacting us

Voluntary cancellations for in-person attendance*:

  • Prior to 30 days: 95% refund to cover CC transaction fees and admin
  • 11-30 days before start of event: 75% refund
  • 0-10 days before and after event start: No refunds but for exceptional circumstances
  • Cancellations may be requested by contacting us

*Refunds for payments made using Shop Pay Installments will incur an additional fee of 3%.

For mandatory cancellations and unplanned changes to livestream:

  • iRest Institute may need to cancel an event due to low attendance or other unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, 100% of registration fees will be refunded within 45 days of notification of the cancellation. You will be notified via the listed email address provided at registration.
  • In the instance that an in-person or hybrid event must be switched to livestream-only, we encourage in-person registrants to continue forward with livestream attendance. However, if livestream attendance is deemed unacceptable to the registrant, please contact us and we will refund 100% of the registration fees within 45 days of receiving your email.

    Attendance Policy

    For iRest Level 1 and Level 2 trainings:

    Mandatory Attendance and Related Fees

    • Live real-time attendance for the full duration of an iRest Level 1 or Level 2 Training is required in order to obtain the status and privileges of an iRest Level 1 or Level 2 Teacher. Live real-time attendance is constituted by the maintenance of full attention through the entirety of the program. Participation while driving is not permitted, and multitasking is highly discouraged and likely to be deemed an absence. Please plan your schedule accordingly.
    • While discouraged, we recognize that at times it may be absolutely unavoidable to miss small portions of the training. In this case, please let us know prior to registration and we will consider your request. Approval is not guaranteed and it must be obtained prior to registration but for exceptional circumstances that result in an unexpected absence during the event. Should your request be approved, there will be a $150 fee to coordinate and provide the make-up activities. Any make-up activities that require the supervised support of an iRest mentor will incur additional fees of $100 per hour. Please reach out prior to registration so that your full needs and any resulting fees can be most accurately estimated.
    • We ask our participants to ensure adequate Internet connectivity to be able to access online events using Zoom. While we cannot provide refunds for missed attendance due to technical issues, connectivity or other problems, please let us know if you encounter such issues and we will see what we can do to help.

    For all other events (i.e. workshops, retreats, immersions, and others), attendance is often flexible, but please review the event page or your registered participant resource page for specific details and to ensure any attendance requirements can be met. All active event pages can be found here.