iRest Level 2 Training Details

Would you like to more deeply experience and embody the core of nondual teachings? Do you want to enhance your confidence and facilitation skills in leading iRest? Is it time to better serve your clients/students and community? The iRest Level 2 Training is your opportunity to:

  • Enhance your skills teaching to groups by learning to:
    • Teach an advanced practice of iRest Meditation and articulate its foundational principles
    • Study iRest as a trauma-informed practice
    • Customize iRest for specific needs and learn to create practices for sleep, stress, pain and more
    • Distinguish when, how and why to adjust the protocol
    • Interview groups and integrate their words into the practice a meaningful way
    • Expand your understanding of the neuroscience of iRest
    • Professionally prepare iRest classes, series, and workshops

  • Learn to better work with individuals by learning to:
    • Facilitate ‘stream entry’ co-meditation dyads with ease
    • Learn new skills in dyads and how to use them appropriately
    • Work with continuums of sensation, emotions, and beliefs
    • Appropriately incorporate the use of opposites, anthropomorphizing, voice dialogue and Awareness
    • Skillfully track responses and reactions

  • Delve into the philosophical perspectives that inform iRest, including:
    • The journey of awakening and the 38-step Map of Meditation
    • The six Koshas and what lies beyond
    • iRest as Mindfulness

In addition to learning new and expanded material, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest iRest research, receive updates to the 10-Step iRest Protocol, and benefit from the updated, expanded Level 2 Training Manual.

At iRest Institute, we’ve trained over a thousand Level 2 Teachers around the world and we’ve seen how successful they are at sharing iRest with diverse communities. The Level 2 iRest training is your opportunity to expand your understanding of iRest, and to become more confident, effective, and skillful as you bring the transformative practice of Rest to the world.