Looking for Your Products?

We are in the midst of transitioning to a separate website (shop.irest.org) for all of our digital products and event registrations. This will take us several months, so in the meantime, we'd like to help clarify where you need to go to access various products.

Please note: each option below requires a separate account, with a separate login process.

  • 1. New iRest Store


    • Participant Resources Pages During or After August 2023

    • Upcoming Events & Registration

    • Digital Product Purchases


  • 2. iRest Institute Main Website


    • Participant Resources Pages Prior to August 2023

    • iRest Teacher Resources

    • Free Teachers Resources Page
    • Teachers Community Network
    • Set Up Your Teacher Profile


Need more details?

See below for additional information.

Are You Looking To:

1. Access Your Recent Participant Resources Page?

Beginning in August 2023, we began taking event registration purchases and hosting Participant Resources Pages on our new iRest store (transition in progress).

If your event started during or after August 2023, you will most likely find your event information on shop.irest.org. This requires a separate log in from your account on irest.org.

2. Access Digital Products Purchased Recently or in the Last Few Years?

If you have made a digital product purchase in the last three years (2021-2024) then there is a good chance your products are available in your account in our new online store.

Or Are you Looking To:

3. Access Digital Products Purchased Long Ago?

Some of your digital meditation and event recording products may only be available on your old account.

4. Revisit Participant Resources Pages prior to August 2023?

Please note: All Participant Resources Pages expire one year after the conclusion of the event.

5. Access iRest Teacher Pages?

Log in to your separate account at irest.org for: