iRest for Psychotherapists

iRest is an evidence-informed framework adapted from the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra which offers profound benefits for psychotherapists and their patients.

Why iRest?

iRest and psychotherapy entail the art of listening. As a therapist, your capacity to be present and listen - without an agenda or judgment - enables you to help clients explore and reveal the hidden aspects of the self that can stand in the way of healing. iRest offers a simple approach to deep listening, enabling you to be aware in the moment and creatively responsive to what unfolds in every session.

The iRest protocol also offers a set of tools to assist clients in locating, describing, and welcoming the various sensations, emotions, beliefs, mental images and memories, which prevent their presenting issues from resolving.

Created by psychologist and yogic scholar, Dr Richard Miller, the efficacy and safety of iRest to address a range of mental health conditions is supported by more than 30 clinical trials and there is guidance available specifically for psychotherapy settings.

Try a Quick iRest

iRest is typically taught as a guided meditation. Below you will find samples of iRest meditations you can listen to guided by Richard Miller, PhD, creator of iRest. These recordings are designed for everyone; both experienced iRest practitioners and newcomers alike.

5 minute iRest practice for alleviating stress and anxiety
10 minute iRest practice for feeling at ease