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Teacher Certification Program

Teacher Certification Program

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The iRest Teacher Certification Program offers you in depth study and a chance for personal mentorship so that you can expertly navigate and embody the iRest teachings in a way that is truly transformational, for yourself and the people you work with. You’ll move into the highest level of skillfulness and professionalism, and expand your career—whether you are teaching iRest to individuals or groups, or integrating the practice into your work. Interested in learning more? Read more about the Certification Program

Please note: 
By paying the fee for the Certification program, you are confirming that you have read and agree with both the Certification Program Agreement and Ethics Agreement as seen below.

Prerequisite: Completion of the iRest Level 1 Teacher Training.

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Program Agreements


iRest Teacher Certification is a comprehensive program by which those who have attended both the Level 1 and Level 2 iRest Trainings can become a Certified iRest® Teacher.

It is necessary to have completed the iRest Level 1 Teacher Training to enroll in the iRest Certification Program. 

Certification Program Agreement

By remitting payment to the iRest® Institute (IRI) for the IRI Certification program, I confirm that I have read the letter set out below and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out therein.

This letter sets out the terms and conditions by which the iRest Institute (hereinafter “IRI”) and you (the “Student”) have agreed to enter into a program, which is intended to lead to the Student becoming an IRI Certified iRest Teacher (the “Program”).

The Student has completed the IRI Level 1 and may also have completed Level 2 iRest Training and has applied to the Program to become a Certified iRest Teacher®. IRI has agreed to accept the Student into the Program. 

IRI and the Student agree as follows:

Successful Completion of the Program

The Student acknowledges that participation in the Program, and payment of the required tuition fee does not guarantee that the Student will become a Certified iRest Teacher at the completion of the required assignments. Student acknowledges that the Certification program requires that the Student “demonstrate a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of iRest and the teachings that underlie iRest and demonstrate competency in delivering iRest to various groups and individuals”.

Student agrees that IRI, through its Certification Mentor, shall be the sole determining body as to whether or not the Student has attained the required level of understanding and competency required for Certification.

The Student acknowledges that at the end of the Program, the Student may not be recommended for Certification and may be required to engage in further studies, and that there may be additional costs payable by the Student in order to take part in these further studies.

The Student also acknowledges that at the completion of the required additional studies, if the Student has not attained the required level of understanding and competency as determined by IRI and the IRI assigned Certification Mentor, then the Student will not receive the designation of Certified iRest Teacher.

Refund Policy

Student acknowledges and agrees to the refund policy as set out below:

  • If the Student withdraws from the Program before being assigned a Certification Mentor, They will obtain a refund of tuition paid to iRI less US$200.
  • If the Student withdraws once they have been assigned a Mentor, but no assignments have been submitted for review, they will obtain a refund of tuition paid to iRI less US$350.
  • If the Student withdraws after they have begun submitting assignments for review by their Mentor, they will obtain a refund of tuition paid to iRI less $800. 
  • If the Student withdraws 18 months or more after enrolling, there is no refund of any of the tuition paid by Student.

Time Limit for Completion of Assignments

The Student agrees that the time allotted to the Student to complete the Certification process shall be 24 months from the Enrollment Date.

If the student fails to complete the assignments within the 24-month period, the Student may apply to IRI for additional time to complete the assignments. Additional fees for additional time to complete will apply as follows:

  • US$200 for three-months
  • US$400 for six months
  • US$800 for twelve months

Re-Entry into Certification and Putting timeline “On Hold”

If the Student needs to put their 2-year timeline on hold due to unforeseen circumstances, this can be arranged with their Certification Mentor. When the Student is ready to re-engage with the process, a re-entry fee of US$300 will apply and the Student will have the remainder of the original 2 year timeline to complete the assignments.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

If there is any disagreement between the Student and the Mentor regarding the certification process, the Student shall provide written details of the disagreement to IRI. IRI shall within 10 days of receipt of the Student’s written detail, appoint one of its other Mentors to work as an arbitrator with the Student and the original Mentor to attempt to settle the disagreement in a manner that is acceptable to the Student and to IRI. The arbitrator shall within 30 days of appointment, submit a written report to the Student and to IRI. Student agrees that the finding of the Mentor as set out in the written report shall be binding and final.

If there is any disagreement between the Student and IRI regarding the Certification process, the Student shall provide written details of the disagreement to IRI. IRI shall within 10 days of receipt of the Student’s written detail contact the student and attempt to reconcile the dispute to the satisfaction of the student. If the student remains unsatisfied at the end of this reconciliation process, IRI shall refer the matter to an independent arbitrator who does not have a direct relationship with IRI but who does understand the iRest protocol and the nondual teachings. The independent arbitrator will interview the Student and IRI to determine the reason for the disagreement and attempt to arrive at a result acceptable to the Student and IRI. The Arbitrator shall submit a written report to IRI and to the Student within 60 days of appointment. The Arbitrator’s report shall include a decision as to which of the parties shall pay the cost of the arbitration, including the Arbitrator’s fee. The Student and IRI agree that the decision contained in the written report shall be binding on both parties and shall be final.

Ethics Agreement

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy

An essential element of the Integrative Restoration iRest® practice is the development and maintenance of caring and professional teacher-student and client-practitioner relationships. Clear and appropriate guidelines regarding professional and social conduct and interpersonal (including sexual) boundaries are necessary for creating safe and supportive environments that foster appropriate and healthy relationships. Accordingly, iRest Institute is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior with regards to personal and professional conduct.

This policy serves to support the continued growth of individual iRest teachers, as well as our community of iRest practitioners and students. The following ethical and professional standards are intended to aid practitioners in evaluating appropriate behavior. However, the Code of Ethics
and Professional Conduct of the iRest Institute is not a voluntary standard of behavior. Anyone who is teaching iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, any teacher who advertises, identifies as, or calls themselves an iRest Level 1 or Level 2 Teacher, or any Certified iRest Teacher, must adhere to this Code of Conduct in order to maintain their privileges as outlined in the iRest Institute
Copyright, Trademark and Permission Guidelines document.

Each person who enters into an iRest Institute training, and each person who completes the certification requirements and becomes a Certified iRest Teacher, agrees to observe and be held to the standard of behavior set out in this policy.

Professional Ethics and Conduct

Commitment to Client/Student
1. I will respect the rights and dignity of my clients/students.
2. I will neither refuse nor discriminate against students on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or national origin.
3. I will show sensitive regard for the moral, social, religious and other spiritual standards of my students. I avoid imposing my beliefs on others, although I may express them when appropriate during a class or session.
4. I will maintain professional boundaries in relationships with clients/students and avoid any relationships that may exploit the trust of clients/students.
5. I will obtain informed consent to use ethical touch, as appropriate, in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation sessions and group classes, such as assisting a client to find a comfortable position for the practice. In general, touch is not necessary in offering iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and the necessity of the touch and the potential effect on the client/student should first be considered before requesting consent for ethical touch.
6. I will refrain from: 1) Attempting to diagnose a student's physical or psychological condition; 2) Prescribing a treatment; or 3) Suggesting or approving of a client/student going against her/his physician's (or other licensed medical professionals) advice.
7. I will safeguard the confidentiality of all client information whether written or spoken.
8. I will keep or dispose of any records on a student in a manner that assures security and confidentiality.
9. I will bill clients/students accurately and fairly.
10. I will obtain consent from students before photographing, audio or videotape recording or permitting third party observation of iRest sessions.
11. I will ask students’ permission before adding their names to mailing lists and be clear about the content of mailings, respecting also the students’ right to opt-out of the mailing list.

Commitment to Profession
1. I will work to promote high standards within the field of yoga nidra meditation.
2. I commit to maintain and improve my teaching skills through personal practice, ongoing study or mentorship, and to meet any recertification requirements.
3. I will ensure that all information relating to the benefits of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and information used for promotional marketing purposes is accurate, clearly stated and not misleading in any way.
4. I will not harass a student, employee or colleague, in person or through online activities, such as trolling, stalking, using hate speech, threatening, intimidating, reporting of false grievances, manipulating, or otherwise harassing in any form or manner.
5. I will not harass or dismiss an employee who has acted in a reasonable, responsible and ethical manner to protect or intervene on behalf of a student.
6. I will abstain from the use of alcohol, illicit or illegal drugs, and non-prescribed medications while actively engaged in teaching an iRest Institute sponsored event, or while actively engaged in presenting an iRest event or class in general.
7. I will seek appropriate professional assistance for any personal issues that may impair my ability to practice safely and effectively.
8. I will neither receive nor pay a commission for referral of a client/student.
9. I will make timely referrals to healthcare professionals as appropriate.
10. I will respect copyright and acknowledge sources when drawing from the work of others, and will adhere to the iRest Institute Copyright, Trademark, and Permission Guidelines.

Commitment to Public
1. I will accurately represent my qualifications including education, training, experience and professional affiliations.
2. I will provide only those services that I am qualified to perform, as outlined in the Scope of Practice document.
3. I will conduct my business and professional activities with honesty and integrity.
4. I will commit to working toward diversity, equity and inclusive access to iRest offerings.
5. I will adhere to all local and national laws.
6. I will bring any concerns about the ethical behavior of another iRest teacher to the attention of the Ethics Committee.
7. I will, as much as possible, commit to environmental sustainability in all business practices, including, but not limited to, recycling, using energy-efficient products, reducing waste, saving water and minimizing environmental impact via travel.

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct
All forms of sexual behavior with students are unethical, even when a student invites or consents to such behavior. Sexual behavior is defined as, but not limited to, all forms of overt and covert seductive speech, gestures and behavior as well as physical contact of a sexual nature.
1. I will not enter into a sexual relationship with a student or client with whom I am actively engaged or working within either private sessions or group classes.
2. I will refrain from establishing a sexual relationship with any student for a minimum of six months after that student has ceased working with me and I will seek consultation regarding entering into such a relationship from the iRest Institute Ethics Committee or other professionals who can advise me on ethical standards of behavior.
3. I will refrain from sexual harassment of students, employees or colleagues.

I acknowledge that these ethical guidelines are not exhaustive. I understand that the failure of these guidelines to address any particular conduct does not mean that the conduct is necessarily ethical or unethical.

If I am uncertain about how to ethically proceed in a particular situation I will contact the iRest Institute Ethics Committee for guidance before acting.

Any reports of my breaching this code will be fairly investigated by the iRest Institute Ethics Committee and I agree to cooperate in an ethics investigation. I understand that unethical behavior is a violation of this policy and may lead to a revocation of:

● my privilege to teach iRest
● my privilege to identify myself an iRest Level 1 or Level 2 trained teacher
● my iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Certification

This policy is intended to assist iRest practitioners and does not create or imply any liability by iRest Institute for a teacher’s behavior.

Please direct questions regarding iRest Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy to the iRest Institute Ethics Committee, attention: