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Awakening to Your Essential Nature

Awakening to Your Essential Nature

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About This Product

Richard Miller, PhD applies his decades of experience and expertise to orient you to the practice of nondual meditation. Richard weaves history, philosophy and instruction with an ancient map of meditation to reveal how you can develop and navigate your own​ ​practice of meditation.

Awakening to Your Essential Nature is the MP3 version of a​ 2 CD set of recordings which complement each other.​

Your Path, Buddha's Path​ (Lecture), Richard Miller traces the path of awakening laid out by Samkhya, Patanjali, Advaita and the teachings of Buddha. In clear, precise and understandable language, listeners are invited into a profound understanding of the nondual path of meditation that has been developed over centuries, and that underlies iRest.​​ ​

Awakening to Your True Nature​: The Final Teachings (Meditation), offers a guided meditation that walks the listener through the entire Map of Meditation. ​T​he listener is taken on a meditative journey that explores the magnitude of our belief that we exist as a separate Ego-I, and our ultimate release into the vast Stillness of Awakening beyond the confines of personal identity. The Sheath of I-ness or personal identity, presented in this talk as the Asmitamaya Kosha, is Richard Miller's unique contribution to the nondual wisdom tradition as presented in his teachings of iRest.