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Freedom from Worry: Effectively Coping with Anxiety and Stress

Freedom from Worry: Effectively Coping with Anxiety and Stress

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About This Product

Even during the most troubling or overwhelming situations in your life, you have the capacity to experience an unbreakable inner felt-sense of joy, peace, well-being, and security.

Your concerns or worries are messengers containing wisdom that can help you understand the actions that you need to take to feel in harmony with yourself and life. These practices will enable you to take time to listen and inquire into your worries and understand why they’re showing up and what they’re trying to tell you.

iRest meditation can help you cultivate this supportive and soothing experience throughout your day, every single day. With these simple but powerful practices, you can offer yourself relief from troubling thoughts. You’ll cultivate an inner resource (a safe space within yourself) that enables you to befriend and respond to your thoughts and emotions, whatever they may be, and whenever you feel the need to address them.

If you’re struggling with worry, anxiety, stress, or depression, you may find it beneficial to do an iRest practice first thing in the morning, or just before going to sleep at night.

You may also find that a 10-minute iRest meditation, as a break during your day, will enable and support you in continuing with your work and responsibilities. Over time, regularly practicing iRest Meditation can help you see through the thoughts and perceptions that keep you from experiencing a state of health, happiness, and well-being in your daily life.

Please note: ​​These recordings are true to their original versions so you may hear some natural self corrections.


1. Introduction to Freedom from Worry (2:29)

2. Letting Go Into Restorative Wellbeing (10:34)

3. Breathing in Ease and Peace (10:21)

4. Freedom from Worry (9:36)

5. Enjoying a Restorative Nap (9:50)

6. Responding to a Challenging Thought or Emotion (9:24)

7. Feeling at Ease and Rejuvenated (9:45)

8. Breathing Ease and Peace (4:00)