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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Yoga and Meditation After 50

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: Yoga and Meditation After 50

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“So many have forgotten how to meet, greet, listen, and respond to the messages that the body is constantly sending. When you can acknowledge and welcome the body’s cues, you will be able to respond with appropriate action long before your body becomes sick.” —Richard Miller, PhD

It’s natural that your body and mind change over time. It makes sense that your yoga and meditation practice should adapt to accommodate your changing needs. However, it’s not always easy to understand how to adapt practices to suit you when taking a public class.

When you combine the powers of yoga, breathwork, and meditation tailored to meet you where you are, you safeguard your longevity and empower yourself with daily practices and techniques for fostering wellbeing and vitality.

Dr. Richard Miller and Dr. Larry Payne have joined forces to offer you their collective 90+ years of experience in a 4-part workshop. They’ll guide and support you in learning practices that you can use over your lifetime for enhancing your health and healing and to experience deep peace, ease, and satisfaction in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.

They understand the need to challenge your body and build strength without straining or risking unnecessary injury. You also want to stimulate circulation and encourage flexibility in order to maintain good mobility.

Mentally, it’s important to safeguard your memory and sustain mental focus and concentration. Using appropriate meditation and breathing techniques is vital to supporting your mental and emotional health.

This online workshop will cover:

  • What everyone after 50 should know about yoga and meditation
  • Gentle and effective yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations
  • Simple daily practices to do at home and work
  • Three yoga asana (pose) routines for the whole body, lower back, and winding down
  • Breathing practices to support heart and lung health, cultivate resilience and wellbeing, and relieve stress and anxiety
  • Meditation practices for cultivating resilience, working with difficult emotions and challenging life events, and for fostering deep and restful sleep

Anyone can benefit from this workshop. No prior meditation or yoga experience is needed. Teachers are encouraged to attend to learn effective approaches when working with prime-of-life students over 50.