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iRest Meditation for a Balanced Workday

iRest Meditation for a Balanced Workday

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About This Product

This 6-part series (an introduction and five meditations) includes 10-minute long guided meditations that easily integrate into your work day. Choose one to practice whenever you need to tune up or wind down.

Doing short practices regularly helps you develop focus, clarity, energy, ease, joy, and resilience in your personal life, in your workplace activities and challenges, and in your interactions with others.

These simple meditations are effective because they act as anchor points throughout your day, either setting you up for success, or helping you shift out of work mode when it's time to relax.

Meditation Descriptions:

Pathway to Productivity: Each day should begin with an intention. This meditation helps you focus and sets the tone for an effective and productive work day.

Filling the Tank: A meditation for those days when motivation is hard to muster. It helps you dig deep and tap into your inner energy which motivates and drives you to be your best in each moment.

A Balanced Reset: When challenging situations or difficult conversations arise, it’s vital to reset yourself in order to respond in a calm, balanced, and constructive way, rather than with reactivity. Play this meditation whenever you need to re-anchor into the present moment. It will return you to a sense of calm and ease, and reset your intention to meet difficult moments (and whatever the rest of your day brings) with clarity, focus, energy, and resilience.

Clearing the Mind: Use this meditation whenever you need a tune-up during your day. It will help you feel razor-sharp even amid your most frenzied and stressful workday.

Leave it at the Office: We all strive for a balanced life. When it’s time to switch gears and wind down, this meditation will help you release work for the day and prepare you to engage in your life outside the office with presence.

May these meditations become daily companions. Listen to them often and they will support you through even your most challenging circumstances. They will foster focus, balance, joy, and groundedness, allowing you to respond to each moment with clarity and understanding, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whoever you’re with.

*Please note: ​​These recordings are true to their original versions so you may hear some natural self corrections


1. An Introduction to a Balanced Day (15:07)

2. Pathway to Productivity (9:40)

3. Filling the Tank (10:14)

4. A Balanced Reset (10:35)

5. Clearing the Mind (10:40)

6. Leave it at the Office (10:18)