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42 iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations with Richard Miller

42 iRest Yoga Nidra Meditations with Richard Miller

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This collection of iRest Yoga Nidra meditations is comprised of practices for health, healing, resiliency and well-being that support well-being across all dimensions of your life. These 42 recorded meditations are based on the scripts that can be found within the chapters of Richard Miller's book, The iRest Program for Healing PTSD.

Each recording is designed to help you learn the iRest Program, step-by-step, as well as help you weave iRest into the fabric of your daily life. You have in your hands a powerful and essential tool for healing, and achieving well-being and true peace of mind, wherever you are, whomever you’re with, whatever you’re doing.

Please note, you will receive this product as a single zip file with the individual mp3 audio files inside.

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Track List:

00 Intro to iRest Practices (7:57)

01 Experiencing Yourself as Sensation (4:52)

02 Messenger Meditation (10:55)

03 Forgetting and Remembering (9:47)

04 Affirming Your Heartfelt Mission (5:37)

05 Affirming Your Intentions (5:07)

06 Experiencing Your Inner Resource (4:30)

07 Inner Resource Meditation (7:39)

08 Sensing Your Hands (8:06)

09 Peeling Away Tension (5:59)

10 Progressive muscle Relaxation (26:29)

11 Body Sensing with Autogenics (22:02)

12 Noticing Flows of Inhalation and Exhalation (14:48)

13 Noticing Flows of Sensation (14:07)

14 Breath Counting (17:39)

15 Experiencing Your Focusing and Defocusing Network (12:41)

16 Welcoming Your Feelings and Emotions (9:34)

17 ProActively Engaging Feelings and Emotions (8:49)

18 Welcoming opposites of Feeling and Emotion (9:41)

19 Creating Continuums of Opposites of Feeling and Emotion (4:17)

20 Inner Weaving Your Inner Resource (8:50)

21 Welcoming Feelings and Emotions (18:17)

22 Welcoming Opposites of Thought (9:39)

23 Enhancing Joy (9:00)

24 Welcoming Joy and Well Being (11:07)

25 Welcoming Joy with Stress (13:24)

26 12 min Healing iRest Nap (9:55)

27 iRest for Sleep (22:37)

28 Welcoming Gratitude (11:54)

29 Being Awareness (10:38)

30 Qualities of Awareness (12:14)

31 Entering the Stream of Awareness (10:51)

32 Being Awareness (19:20)

33 Who Am I (12:42)

34 Unchanging Awareness (9:55)

35 I Am (10:28)

36 Experiencing Your Wholeness (21:23)

37 8 min iRest (7:55)

38 20 min iRest (19:43)

39 35 min iRest (37:02)

40 The Practice of Gratitude (6:28)

41 Day's Review (3:15)

42 A Final Meditation (3:15)