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Nourishing Gratitude, Joy, and Wellbeing with iRest Meditation

Nourishing Gratitude, Joy, and Wellbeing with iRest Meditation

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About This Product

Welcome to the wonderful world of being grateful and joyful, sometimes for no reason at all.

These five meditations are designed to support you in cultivating gratitude and joy throughout your daily activities. The invitation is to experience moments of gratitude and joy everyday. Done regularly, these become powerful practices for creating a life of contentment, well-being, and delight.

These practices enable you to easily take time each morning and evening to explore what you’re grateful for. They invite you to incorporate joy into your day, becoming aware of its felt-sense in your body and how it appears in your thoughts.

In time and with dedicated practice, you may discover gratitude and joy rising to meet you when you least expect them, and when you need them most.

Gratitude and joy arise when you feel compassionate, loving, peaceful, or content within yourself or towards someone else. They arrive as warmhearted feelings of pleasure or appreciation when you experience awe at being alive, when you observe a rainbow or the sun shining on your face, or acknowledge the food on your table. Sometimes, gratitude and joy can visit you for no reason at all. This occurs when you’re well-versed in welcoming in their experience and enjoying it.

The more regularly you foster the feelings of love, kindness, compassion, peace, and equanimity, the more they manifest. The more you nourish and experience gratitude and joy, the easier it becomes to access, feel, and express these emotions. May you come to find joy and gratitude available to you in unexpected ways amid every circumstance, both in waking life and in your dreamtime.

*Please note: ​​These recordings are true to their original versions so you may hear some natural self corrections.


1. Gratitude and Joy (4:41)

2. Welcoming Gratitude (8:11)

3. Nourishing Joy (10:30)

4. 10-Minute Joy Nap (8:50) 

5. Taking Joy into Restful Sleep (12:45)