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Reclaiming Restful Sleep with iRest Meditation

Reclaiming Restful Sleep with iRest Meditation

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About This Product

Sleep is essential to our overall health. It’s as vital as food, water, and air. Sometimes a restorative night’s sleep eludes us, especially during times of stress and worry. Engaging in daytime and nighttime practices can help ease your body and mind so that you’re able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and take short rests during the day.

Meditation Descriptions:

Introduction to iRest and Sleep: Explore why sleep is so important, what happens when we sleep, when we are sleep deprived, and how evidence-based iRest Meditation can support deep and restful sleep.

Introduction to Restful Sleep Practices: Learn tools for quieting your mind and emotions, and affirmation practices that you can use before bed to help you fall asleep or get back to sleep if you wake up during the night.

A 12-Minute Practice for a Restful Nap: Short enough to fit into any schedule, this anytime practice offers you a pause and helps you restore your physical and creative energies so that your day is productive because you’ve nourished yourself.

A 30-Minute Practice for Restful Sleep: This meditation helps you prime your mind and body for a good night’s rest as it guides you into deep, restorative sleep.

1-, 3-, and 5-Minute Practices: These micro-practices can be used throughout your day to help you become more accepting of the present moment so that when it's bedtime you’ll naturally feel more at ease because you’ll be carrying a lighter load from your day.

Please note: ​​These recordings are true to their original versions so you may hear some natural self corrections.


1. Introduction to iRest and Sleep (5:17)

2. Introduction to Restful Sleep Practices (3:31)

3. A 12-Minute iRest Practice for a Restful Nap (12:16)

4. A 30-Minute iRest Practice for Restful Sleep (30:32)

5. 1-Minute iRest Practice (1:12)

6. 3-Minute iRest Practice (3:03)

7. 5-Minute iRest Practice (5:10)