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iRest Institute

When Self Falls Away

When Self Falls Away

Duration: 3 hours 1 minute

In this course, you will:

  • Learn Foundational iRest® Meditation practices to proactively welcome your sensations, emotions and thoughts so that your attention can be free for the deeper inquiries of self-realization.
  • Learn how neuroscience is informing our understanding of meditation.
  • Recognize the ego-I (self) as a process, not an identity.
  • Self-inquiry for releasing your identification as a separate self.
  • Being as a portal for realizing your non-separate interconnectedness with all of life.
  • Recognize the difference between being, awareness, and what lies beyond.
  • Identify the distinction between self and non-self.
  • Recognize subtle aspects of self that obstruct awakening.
  • Learn core practices that support awakening and enlightenment.
  • Explore how awakening unfolds naturally into enlightenment.
  • Understand the nature of enlightenment as the embodiment of awakening into daily life.
  • Realize true motivation that gives rise to 24-7-365 engagement with awakening.

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